The view from my back yard in Elton.

Today I head back to NOLA after spending a week in Elton for various reasons- to celebrate my birthday with my family, doctors appointment, labs and blood work and fun stuff like that…. oh and getting my daughter enrolled in the parish’s alternative school because her principal expelled her last week.

Before you ask why, let me just say – over some bullshit.  

In my opinion, her principal (and office staff) is the most inconsistent, non professional, poor managers of students and staff that I have ever come across.  And I’m not afraid to say it to her, her staff, her boss and anyone else.  So I’m the enemy.  Oh well.  I will always stand rather than bow.  I have taught my children the same and if that upsets the status quo than I say -Upset it!l

Because the status quo sucks.  It ain’t working.  

And more than anything, I despise people who only want certain people around them. Yes people.  Get a dog if you want blind obedience.  Teach our children to be critical thinkers.

And because this is my view and how I live my life, I’m the enemy.

And my kid got expelled because of it. Yes, she was upset and unruly. But anyone who knows our family knows that’s we’ve been through a lot and are going through a lot. For a professed Christian, this person doesn’t seem to have empathy or the ability to descalate any situation.  But I digress.  This ain’t about her.
This is about me and my journey and how I’m feeling about all this.

Never before have I felt more Stuck In The Middle than I do now.

I love my children and I love my home in Elton.  I can’t stand the school and some people around here. 

But others, like the Little Dribblers / SWLA Hoopets family and them. Man, I love them.    I envy the Davis family and their closeness. I wish that all people were like them. Down to earth and real. Hardworking and unapologetically who they are.  I love real people.

So my departure is bittersweet because the Senior Boys are starting their state tournament this week.  My son plays on this team and these are some talented young men.

My daughter Victoria’s team is still in the state championship bracket. They lost one but can still pull through.  They play again tonight.

So it’s bittersweet because I’m not there. And I miss watching them play.  

It’s bittersweet because my home is so incredibly peaceful.  I can sit in the sun in my back yard and listen to the birds sing and my wind chimes swinging in a nice gentle breeze.  When the kids come home, the shoot hoops and I get to watch them wrestle and push one another trying to win their one on one game.

It’s truly blissful.

But I also love New Orleans.  There is a magic in that city that is undeniable.  There is a pull, an attraction to being there that makes you almost ache for it when you’re not there.

So I am happy that I’ll be out strolling my neighborhood again tonight.  It’ll feel like I’m walking on Sunshine.

But I will miss my family and all the things I love about Elton while I am there.

So for now I stay Stuck in the Middle.

About sjwoods318

Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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