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Adoption, DNA and Social Justice

Colin Kaepernick recently hosted a Know Your Rights Youth Summit in the Bay Area where he gave DNA testing kits to the participants.  He explained that he had taken a DNA test that past summer and his connection strengthened to his … Continue reading

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Rape Culture

One of my memories of childhood is watching the soap opera, General Hospital.  A pivotal scene that was embedded in my nine year old mind, in 1979, was the scene where Luke raped Laura at a disco. What made this scene … Continue reading

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Everyone has them. Childhood memories.  Memories of special events.  Memories of defeat and of triumph.  Everyday we live, we create more and we store more away. For me, memories are a very complicated thing.  I know that when I talk … Continue reading

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I had one of those “Sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning” moments last night. Last night I watched a Snap Chat video (and actually recorded it with my phone) of at least three white girls … Continue reading

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No Trespassing

  A women has the right to decide what she feels is best for her own body – in all things.

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