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A Mother’s Heart

I don’t know how to reach you all the time, but I want to.  I want to get inside your brain and tell you that you are smart and pretty and funny and kind. I want to hold you and … Continue reading

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The Days Between

When i was younger, I used to follow the Grateful Dead around.  It was fun times.  I learned a lot about life and a lot about myself during this time. And I got to go to a bunch of really … Continue reading

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  I remember when I became numb to news like what came out last night and then again today.  It seems like it never ends. I had my fill about two years ago;  I am now at way over capacity … Continue reading

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But truth is better than a lie and knowledge is better than never knowing.  I will say that I am a very different person than who I was before reunion.  I am a colder and harder person. The trust that I might have had for people has slowly died.  I cut people out of my life without any thought or care.  Reunion has literally been that hard on my heart.  Continue reading

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Why Write?

For as long as I can remember, writing has been part of my life.  I have always had a notebook with me jot down my thoughts or ideas or just to process the world around me. Like most writers, I am … Continue reading

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Living with Anxiety

I have serious anxiety.  I have my entire life. Couldn’t tell you if it is genetic, trauma, adoption related, or some combination of all three. I do know that my separation anxiety is adoption related.  I suspect it has a … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

One of the paramount truths of transracial adoption is that racial mirrors are the key to an emotionally healthy child with strong self-esteem and racial identity. There is absolutely nothing worse than keeping a child of color in racial isolation. … Continue reading

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