Angry Adoptee – Uppity Negress

A couple days ago I got to drink a big cup of AP tears.

Yesterday, I got to take a little trip to New Orleans to breath me some Negro air.

And today my lungs are full and Imma ’bout to “Scream”.

Apparently the author of One Drop For Change (Tumblr and Facebook) did not like being called out on her fake ally bullshit.  So, she went on her Facbook page to tell everyone how damaged I am as an adoptee and that she feels that I must be in immense pain over all of this.

“My heart goes out to the person who authored that blog for the pain they are experiencing right now”  said the One Drop for Change Author.

Oh, my heart.  She’s so magnanimous in sparing me more pain.  Thank you, Mother, I am so happy that you feel like you are the bigger person.

A bigger person would have just taken a seat and stfu.  A bigger person would have LISTENED.  A bigger person would have just moved on.

But since you wanna call me out, here I am Bitch, back again.

In Formation with MY sistahs in arms and my ancestors and we got some things to say to you, Fake Ally.

First off – Stop appropriating us with your Blog name.

“One Drop” belongs to Black folk.  Not for you to repackage up in your lily whiteness and feed to your masses at our expense.

Bob Marley sang about it “You feel it in the One Drop.” ( You probably don’t even know the song, do ya?  I’ve posted it in TRA before).  Take a listen, you might actually REALLY learn something.

It’s a symbol of our enslavement and our pain. It’s about our resilience.  It’s about our beliefs. It’s OUR resistance song.   Our Bondage and ostracization for having “one drop’ of Black blood, no matter how white we looked on the outside. And you stole it.

And you want to package that up, give us no credit, silence our voices and feed it to your people as your own.  Bitch, please.

Second,  how DARE you get on your little pedestal and act like you the bigger person.  You claim to not want to “shame” anyone in their pain, yet you are doing exactly that.  Microagress much?

Third,  how dare you get your little Adoption Parent friends (You know the THERAPISTS and parents of adopted kids of color)  make you feel better when they said things like “you don’t deserve this!”  “They are only hearing one side of the story!”   Go tell them bitches to go cry me some more tears so I can sit back with another cup.

You DO deserve it.

And this is for all y’all who may be wondering “Why, Sara? Why give her so much shit?”

She deserves it for taking Black pain and making about her.  She deserves it for listening to adoptee voices for over two years, yet STILL keeps her Black children living in an area notorious for Klan activity.  Not just racism, but fucking Klan activity. She deserves it because she somehow thinks that she can call me out and then claim to not call me out or shame me.  Gaslight much?

All who agree with her bullshit:  Cry me a fucking river, bitches.

I can’t even with this shit.

And this Fake Ally bitch wanna be an admin in groups on Transracial Adoption.  She openly mocks and denigrates other Adoptive Parents who ask stupid questions.  She silences adoptee voices on a regular basis.   Just yesterday, the “new” TRA planners deleted a bunch of adoptees.  One that they claim was a “mistake,” but the rest still unanswered for.  They even deleted a couple non-adoptees for asking why.

This is the person claiming to be an leader on teaching about transracial adoption. A person who wants you to trust her in teaching you how to be anti-racist.

Oh, but not just that.  They have actively stolen our stories for their own use.  In her Blog Facebook Page, she claims to :”My blog page will go on as it has been.  My purpose is to share with white people the things that I am learning regarding race….”

Learning from adoptees of color.  Black adoptee.  Asian adoptees. Native American Adoptees.  Latino Adoptees.  Sharing their pain and their stories, so this bitch can turn around and package it up for white people.

But at the same time silencing adoptees of color.  How does that work?  What exactly is she teaching them?  How to be a hypocrite?

But this is just my side of the story.  Let her come out and tell her side on these things.  It’s not gossip or speculation to tell what I saw and heard dealing with me and her.  The whole “I can’t tell this story” is bullshit.  This story don’t involve nothing but her bullshit way of acting toward me (and other adoptees and people of color) and the people who want to support her. .

So Bitch, didn’t I say “I ain’t the one”?  Did you not know ’bout me?

I am petty.  I will be the Queen of Petty.  Wear the crown and ride on a parade float with it.

As long as I call you out on your bullshit in the end.

Yeah, I said it : you’s a Fake Ally”  A Fake ASS Ally.  And all your little friends who “liked” the comment, I am watching y’all too.  You keep posting like you some sort of ally, but you fake the funk.

Me and my SISTAHS are in formation.  Y’all just played yourselves and it ain’t cute.



About sjwoods318

Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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  1. Ann-Louise says:

    im so glad I’ve met u

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