Girls…. We Run This Motha…..

When I see a post like this about an Instagram Picture trying to disgrace a woman’s natural cycle, I am incensed.  So I bring awareness to this issue, rather than lash out.

When I read about a college aged male baseball player calling my young Black teen-aged sister, MoNe Davis, “a  slut”  I am further incensed, and then when she forgives him,  I am humbled.  So I highlight her magnanimous act, ( MoNe Davis Forgives ), rather than lash out.

Since I have been lashing out a lot lately, I put myself in check.  Our young people (especially my children) have put me in check.

And even I have been preaching forgiveness and reconciliation this week.  Yeah, I know.  Who would have thought that.  But that’s this week.  Next week, this fish might be swimming in the other direction, so revel in this moment.

Yes, I know that some people were upset about all this peace and love floating around.  Some people have probably felt that I have sold out in an effort to be peaceful, rather than agitate.  I know that some people want to see their pound of flesh.

But strength does not lie in retribution, it lies in our ability to transcend the darkness.

Our strength lies in our ability to change the world.  I can change the world and still be peaceful.  I can challenge people’s minds and still be peaceful.

Because Girls….. We run this Motha… We don’t need to lower ourselves to the level of those who demean us.  We don’t need to be weak, but we don’t need to be unyielding either.  We can be great at our sport and we can have bad days.  We can be great at our science and our business and our art and our craft and we can be mediocre, too.  We don’t owe anyone anything.  We don’t have to fit into anyone’s box.  Most importantly, we don’t need to be victims of those who try to shame us for our greatness, our mediocrity, our failures or our natural body functions.  We don’t need to hide on benches or in closests and in dark rooms because we are ashamed of our womanliness.  And we can be strong enough to even forgive the ignorance of those who try  to shame us.

Yes, I said, we can be strong enough to forgive ignorance.

And please understand that while I am preaching forgiveness, I am not giving a pass to that ignorance.  Just because we are strong enough to forgive the ignorant actions of others, it doesn’t mean that we allow them to go unchecked.  That boy at Bloomsbury University (no need to give him any more name recognition) deserved to be put in check.  And MoNe was magnanimous in her forgiveness, because she didn’t have to give it. She showed strength and character. And she doesn’t have to do that either.  But she did it anyway.  So no one needs to question her decisions.

Instagram is straight ignorant for taking down that picture, not once, but twice. They need to be put in check.  They need to be held accountable.  So let them know.  Spread that picture like wildfire.  We are women and we have a menstrual cycle.

Men, get over it.  Women have periods.

Guess what else we have? Pubic hair.  It seems like lately you have been adverse to that as well.  I won’t get into a whole thing about how it reminds me a little too much of prepubescent young girls when men require their women to wax down there.  But take a minute or two and think about it.  I’m just saying, let us be who we are, the way we are.  We will groom, but we do have bodily functions and we will not be ashamed of them.

Because we run this Motha.  We run it.  Ladies, we run it.  Stop being ashamed of who we are.

Think about it.  Who are these men running around trying to impress?  Are they trying to get other men to take off their clothes? No.  (Well, some are.. but you get my point)  It’s us, ladies.  Stop and think about it ladies, when we are called “hoes” and “sluts”,” they are using words to demean us for doing the very thing that they are trying to get us to do.  For being strong and desirable women.

The entire world revolves around us.  The world would stop without us.  They haven’t figured out how to perpetuate the species without our wombs.  They have tried and it hasn’t worked out very well for them.  We, on the other hand… well, IVF, has proven to be successful, ijs…..

So, ladies, stand up…. understand your power.  We run this motha.

And understand that with power comes responsibility.  Just because we know that the world can’t go on without us, doesn’t mean that we act ratchet.  (you know it’s funny, I hated that word when it first came out… fought against it… would scream “It’s WRETCHED for goodness sake, not RATCHET!!”  but now I love it…. anyway)  So….. Ladies, don’t act ratchet.

And this is not a call to hate on all men.  Because don’t get it twisted, I am a happily (most of the time) married woman.  I enjoy having a partner in this journey we call life (most of the time).  And I know that there are other women out there who find that strength and happiness go hand in hand (with a man by her side – most of the time). There are a lot of other women who feel that the “Angry Black Woman” is a myth that we all need to put to bed.


The strength of the woman lies in her dignity.  In her ability to transform the world.  In her ability to bring hope where there is no hope.

[Tweet “The one thing that is most worth living for and dying for, if need be, is the opportunity of making someone else more happy and useful”] – Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery

My featured image says it all.  Black woman are opening businesses in the U.S. at a rate 6x the national average.  Six times.  That’s astounding.  And that’s the hope for the future of this country.  Small business built this country and small business will save it.  Small business employs more people, pays more taxes and improves the infrastructure of this country without getting all the corporate incentives (welfare) and tax breaks that large corporations get.  Small businesses keep money in the community instead of taking it off shore.  Small business build communities instead of decimating them.  So rock on, my Sisters, rock on!

That is what women are doing in America.  Black women in America.

We are strong and we are transforming this nation.

Through our ability to forgive even the most cruel and unnecessary taunts, we are transforming the world.  Through our ability to spread the message that a picture of a young girl on her monthly cycle is not offensive when compared to the hypersexualized images that are pervasive in our media today, we are transforming the world.

As one of my Facebook friends asked so eloquently, “Tits and ass are okay, while enlightening social images are not?”  No.  It’s not okay.

Women are more that tits and ass.  We are so much more.  And we will speak out even while we are forgiving.  You see, we can be strong and feminine at the same time.  We can transform the world and still be sexy and beautiful.  On our own terms.

We are mothers and sisters and daughters.

We are CEOs and Congresswomen and lawyers and doctors and nurses and teachers and police officers.

We’re the person delivering your mail.  We’re the person serving you your morning coffee with a smile.

Women started things like the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  ( We are the women in Ladies Talk International .

Girls…. Run this Motha…..


I have five daughters.  And they are strong, independent, “can you pay my bills, can you pay my automobills, can you pay my telephone bills, I don’t think you do…” type a young ladies.

These girl run it…..

Woods fam at West Game Woods Fam at Beardsley Farms Soccer ChampslanorWoods Girls

Emerald Force Gabi Gabi BasketballWest Lady RebelsLanor 2

One wants to be a surgeon.  Another wants to be a farmer and an entrepreneur.  Another wants to be a lawyer.  The next wants to be work for the Peace Corps and play soccer around the world.  The youngest wants to be a police officer.  They all are active in our community with sports and community service.  They are all very smart young ladies.  And they all have transformative power.

Be ready world!

Because these girls run it.

[Tweet “Silence = Compliance”]


About sjwoods318

Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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