Starbucks, Income Disparity and People of Color

As I browse through my FB page, I get to see the different views and opinions of different people from around the world.  As my Facebook page is a pretty strong reflection of me, most of the people that are my “friends” have something in common with me.  But sometimes my friends have friends who comment on things that make me scratch my head in wonder.

One big thing that I wonder about is the why and the how of the income disparity in America.  It still astounds me that people haven’t become more aware of the fact that there are companies here which are simply robbing the American public blind and we allow it to continue unchecked.  Seemingly unquestioned.

I mean, sure there’s the crackpots like me who posts memes and write blogs railing about the inequities of life.

But who really listens to someone like me anyway?

Have we gotten so far gone in this world that we do not see the value of labor?  I know we were founded on the concept of slave labor, but at some point in time, we have to realize that this is an unfair and unjust system.  The system works better when the resources are distributed fairly.  And the system works better when we value the worker and their labor and not say things like a worker has “no desirable skills”?

I read that on a post and it floored me.  It was in reference to Starbucks baristas.  “No desirable skills.”  So in the eyes of this person and those that think like this person, that young lady or gentleman who serves you that morning coffee with a smile and sends you on your day with a feeling of good will, has no desirable skills.  Being friendly and kind is not a desirable skill?

I am wondering why any food service workers would get labelled as having “no desirable skills”? Do you really want just anybody handling your food? Do you?

To me, we need to start having conversations about how we are labeling work. Work is work. Doing a good job and fulfilling a place is society has value and no one should have to struggle to pay bills if they work full time. I don’t care if it is “low skill” – not everyone is “cut out” to do it.

Some highly educated people absolutely cannot work on a factory floor.  The pressure of the assembly line gets to them and they cannot do the work.  But they get paid a wage over 100x that of the man on the floor.

Some lawyers cannot take their car apart and put it back together. Yet they get paid $750 an hour whereas a mechanic gets paid $15/hour. Is that fairly skewed to compensate for education? My argument is that the CEO is getting paid way more than his education and skills should be compensating him.

IMHO, 25% higher than the highest paid employee is a perfectly fine CEO compensation when bonuses and perks are added into the package, not the obscene disparity that exists currently.

And why does the government have to jump in and help these employees live? I am not understanding how businesses can post “profits” and pay shareholders while simultaneously sending their employees to get food stamps, child care assistance, housing assistance and the like. (Let’s not talk about the corporate subsidies that they are getting on the front end for employing people from welfare) That is corporate welfare, plain and simple.

You,. the American tax payer, is now suddenly paying this CEO’s enormous salary when you really think about it.

This is why I refuse to shop at at places like Walmart. (Heck, any first market retail store TBH) Why should I give them money on the front end (Through retail sales) AND on the back end as well, (through my taxes) while they occupy 4 of top 10 spots of the richest BILLIONAIRES in America. They should be charged with fraud because their “earnings” are gained on the back of the American tax payer.  They haven’t really “earned” anything.  Once their employees stop needing government assistance to live, then they can say they have “earned” something.  Until then, they are living off welfare.

It’s not just Walmart, any company whose workers are paid such low wages that they need government subsidies to live are doing this. And keep in mind, these employees are being ENCOURAGED to go to the government to subsidize their paychecks, while these company CEOS are simultaneously lobbying Congress to keep the minimum wage from being raised.

Then keep in mind that most of these low income workers are POC and are being vilified for using the same government services that they are being encouraged by their employer to take advantage of.  It makes it all a very bitter pill that I am loathe to swallow.

We need to wake up here in America and demand better accountability, better understanding and just better treatment of all workers.  Labor has value.  Stop saying that a person who works has “no desirable skills.”  Once we stop valuing our workers, we have lost the race.  We have all become slaves.

Silence = Compliance

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Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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3 Responses to Starbucks, Income Disparity and People of Color

  1. sjwoods318 says:

    Reblogged this on SJWoods Stuck In the Middle and commented:

    We need to wake up here in America and demand better accountability, better understanding and just better treatment of all workers. Labor has value. Stop saying that a person who works has “no desirable skills.” Once we stop valuing our workers, we have lost the race. We have all become slaves.

  2. eagoodlife says:

    Everyone has skills, all are valuable.

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