White America and Chickens Coming Home to Roost


When JFK was killed, Malcolm X said that it was the White Man’s chickens coming home to roost.  That this country was a violent country and JFK’s assassination was a reckoning of that.  And  when he said that Racist White America completely lost its mind.

Why does Racist White America have such a difficult time with accountability?  With what we Black folks call “owning your shit”?  With being really, truly accountable for their actions?

Now before anyone gets up in arms and says “am not like that” – don’t bother, because if you know I am not talking about you, you have already moved on past that statement.  I did say “Racist White America.”  So if you’re not, then I’m not talking about you.

(IOW – not all White people are the same, I know this and to that I say – THANK GOD!)

But if I made you cringe, then I just might be talking to you. And you just might wanna listen.

We are all guilty of it.  Trying to weasel our way out responsibility.  That’s why defense attorneys and corporate lawyers get paid thousands of dollars an hour.  They get paid to get people and businesses out of the things that they should be held accountable for.  It’s so deeply ingrained in our American way of living that we don’t even think twice about it.  Commit a crime?  Hire a lawyer.  Make a bad mistake?  Hire a PR firm.  The American way is to never, ever accept responsibility.

Unless you are Black and have been killed.  Then, of course, it’s your fault.

Or unless you were a woman who got raped.  Then, of course, you asked for it.

But if drunk racist white boys sing little ditties that they would rather hang niggers from trees than allow them to pledge their fraternity, then of course, it’s Black people’s fault for making rapo music and for using a totally different version of the word “nigger” that actually has nothing to do with lynching.

It could never, ever be the White person’s fault, right?

Along with the victim blaming, came the “apologies.”  ” They were misguided” “They were drunk” “They were caught up a mob mentality” “They are good boys” and my favorite yet… “they have a good heart,…. they are not racist”

Uh… yes… they are.

And seriously, White people…if that is how you feel….


Honestly, I don’t GAFF (that’s a flying one) that those boys are racist.  I could have told you that just by looking at them.  They are upper middle class, entitled white frat boys in the South.  Let’s be honest about who and what they are.  They could have been in the North or the West Coast too, it doesn’t matter.  I have been around enough WUMCEWFBs to know pretty clearly how they feel about anyone whom they feel is beneath them.  (Disclaimer:  Not all WUMCEWFBs, but when they get into a pack, they tend to use mob mentality).  They probably have a lot of little ditties for other races and women too.  Let’s not fool ourselves here.

Let them be honest about who and what they are.  Entitled.  And they are out to protect the status quo by being exclusionary.  Why on God’s green earth would they ever want to disrupt the status quo?  Are you crazy?  Have you really lost your mind?  Would you if you were a white upper middle class white boy?

Be real now… would you?

You are not going to give up your ski lodge vacations, your speed boat or your sorority girl “mixers.”  You’re not going to taint years of exclusivity with being that guy. 

You know the one. The one that is constantly boring everyone with his social justice issues.

Who the hell cares that my daddy’s golf clubs and outfits are made by slave labor in the third world.?

Why would you harsh my buzz by telling me that some disgusting homeless guy could actually use our third home?

Why cares that people of color are being treated unfairly in this country?

And tell my again why women should make the same pay as men?

What about me?!!!!!  I deserve more attention!  After all, WE built this country!!! (Well… we watched it being built, but I’m saying…..)


I would rather see a thousand white boys stand up and tell me how they REALLY feel than watch them all hide behind those fake bullshit apologies.

I grew up with you all, I already know how you feel.  So why hide it?

I can work with honesty.  If I see a viper pit in front of me, I will walk around it.

What I can’t do is avoid it if it’s disguised as a shop with cute little cuddly kittens.  Or the institutions that I have to work for or send my children to.

This is what I say to Racist White People::  Take off the damn robes.  Stop hiding and OWN YOUR SHIT!

You wanna hate us, fine.  Hate us.  But live with the consequences of hating us.  Live with the ramifications of your actions and beliefs.

Isn’t that what you preach over and over and over again?

Personal responsibility.

Own it.  Embrace it.  Make it your friend.

So to the people who think just like those boys at SAE. and to all their apologist offering fake apologies or justifications:  Stop it!  Own up to the fact that you ARE a racist.

We’ll all be a lot happier when you stop gas lighting us.

Stop trying to pretend that you are trying to work with us, because you are not.

Stop trying to pretend that racism only still exists because we keep bringing it up.  We ain’t teach y’all those song lyrics.  That was you and yours.  OWN THAT SHIT!.

And for God’s sake, STOP WHINING!!! Stop with the “I am in fear for my life.”

If that’s where your words got you, then be a man, grow a pair and live with it.

About sjwoods318

Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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