One last look at my childhood in Rushford

This is the house I grew up in on top of West Centerville Road. About 3 miles outside of town. This was what the house looked like after I left. When I lived there, it was a bit smaller and didn’t have any siding. I wish I had the pictures of when we first moved there, with the outdoor well and the running sewage. We used to have to make sure that the ball we were playing with didn’t go in the sewage stream. Thank goodness for septic tanks!


My house has some really great views. In the Fall, it was especially beautiful.





This was my room.


A strange/funny story about my room is that everyone would always say that there was a ghost in that room. I used to be “visited” at night by a tall, dark man who would stand over me as a slept. As you can see, the roof is slanted, so there is no way a tall man could have stood over me. Anyway, a friend of my parents was painting the room across the hall from me and he told me that my clock alarm went off while I was at school. I said, I don’t have a clock alarm. He said “well, the radio started playing for a while and then it shut off.” Which I thought was strange because you literally had to use force to turn the darn thing on and off and I told him that. So then he said, “well, I guess that explains why I hear your clarinet playing randomly through out the day too.”

I wouldn’t give any thought to these stories except that my best friend came to live with us for a while and she would tell me about waking up in the middle of the night and I would be sitting up in bed, talking to something in my closet. And the closet would be glowing. I always kept a rosary by my bed, I guess as protection.

After I went to college, I guess my spirit got mad that I left him, because when I would come home on breaks, I would be awoken trying to jump out my bedroom window. I know this sounds really strange, but all I can say is that my daughter came to stay with my parents for a summer and slept in this room and would tell me of dreams of a tall, dark man being mean to her in her sleep. I told her to pray and tell him to go away. That was the last I heard about this ghost.


And who can forget winter time? I love looking at these pictures of the snow, but I am glad to live down South because that is just too much snow!!!


Here is my mom and her four biological children. There is a reason why I do not call them brothers and sisters anymore and that will come later in the story. There was only one who I didn’t get along with growing up. Up until about 7 years ago, I considered the other three to be my siblings. I found out that blood is definitely thicker than water when they excluded my children from a party that their one brother told them that he would not go to if I was there. But like I said, I’m not going to jump ahead of myself.


My mom. This picture makes me laugh. And I love her red hair here. She loved to change the color of her hair and at any given time it could be blond or red or brown or even purple.


And my dad dancing with me at his oldest daughter’s wedding


My Kindergarten class at my house for a party. When I look at these pictures, I wonder how I was called fat. I know that I got chubbier later, but I was kinda skinny back then. I just wasn’t small like the other girls. As you can see, I am taller than all the boys.


Kings Kids Kamp. My first sleep away camp.


Christmas with my mom and Grandma and my parents biological children. See Grandma has her BelAir cigarette in hand! 😉


And here is me with Grandma. See how her skin was just as dark as mine?


I always loved being the sports manager before I could play the sports. This was when I was in seventh grade and I was the volleyball manager.



And my other favorite pastime…. sleeping. People say I can sleep through a hurricane and it’s true. I treasure my sleep. It was the one true escape I had when I was growing up.






Just some random pics of my awful hair. My mom had a shop in the house. So I liked to do my nieces hair and style in it ways that I wish could have styled my hair.  Unfortunately, her hair was thin and very straight, so it didn’t really “style” but it was still fun to be able to style hair, which was something I could not do with mine.




Some random pics of my trip to Berchesgaden in Bavaria.  It is a very beautiful place.  I wonder if my birth mother loved it as much when she was there as I did when I was there.  Isn’t it ironic that we both visited the same place within a couple year of each other?



Our dog Bo and our cat Murdock. (Named after the guy on the A-Team)



Soccer Camp at Houghton College and my access card when I was a student at Houghton – I was able to use their facilities because even though I was a high school student, I was still a part time student there as well. I was even asked to come there and play soccer on a scholarship, but I turned it down because it would have been like staying in Rushford.


Me and my best friend at her step grandparent’s house in Orchard Park.


This about sums it up


At graduation I wore my red Chuck Taylors and shorts. It was typical me to do it different from everyone else.


And some of my final thoughts before I left Rushford, with an every increasing sense of feeling lost and alone.


About sjwoods318

Mother of six children - five girls and one boy; wife; community organizer, family chauffeur, philosopher, trans-racial adoptee, Deadhead, person of mixed racial heritage, artist, poet, writer who loves to swim, read, and run around with my family.
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